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Make an Impact as an AmeriCorps Fellow

Our AmeriCorps Members serve from August through June as Fellows with our Middle School Academy program. As a member of our Fellows’ cohort, you will collaborate with a school-based Tenacity team and:

  • Lead and support literacy, tennis/fitness, and life skills activities
  • Design and lead an elective on a topic you choose
  • Partner with students’ families
  • Guide students through the complex high school selection process
  • Build your professional skills in education and beyond
  • Strengthen your career development skills and plan
  • Explore opportunities to create positive social impact and expand your network

During your service you will improve outcomes for Boston youth, working with them to strengthen their academics, confidence, fitness, and ability to achieve their dreams.

While Fellows typically serve in school buildings, current Fellows are serving remotely. Tenacity is committed to supporting AmeriCorps Fellows, whether using our regular in-person model or remote service, as circumstances allow.


Bring learning to life!

AmeriCorps Fellows deliver core curriculum for our Middle School Academy program, which is built on a whole-child approach emphasizing literacy, tennis/fitness, and life skills. You will serve with a team of 4-5 Fellows and 2-3 staff assigned to a Boston middle school, and support all aspects of program delivery while also taking on a specialized leadership role within the team.


Develop your social impact career!

AmeriCorps Fellows strengthen their professional skills during their service year. Through your service, you will develop teaching, facilitation, and communication skills. As part of the cohort of approximately 20 Fellows, you will strengthen your leadership and career planning. You will get support through individual, small group, and full cohort trainings and reflection opportunities throughout the year.


Inspire student success!

AmeriCorps Fellows serve as positive role models – building student confidence, engaging families, and helping students prepare for high school. As a Fellow, you will utilize Tenacity’s whole-child approach and commitment to positive youth development, and provide personalized support to help students demonstrate their potential and achieve their dreams.

Learn More and Apply!

Join Tenacity as a 2022-23 AmeriCorps Fellow!

See the full description below or download a PDF copy by clicking the button:

About Tenacity  

Tenacity is a Boston-based youth development organization focused on closing the achievement and opportunity gaps. From elementary school through college and beyond, Tenacity offers a unique Pathway with a whole-child approach that combines literacy and life skills instruction, mentoring, family engagement, and tennis/fitness coaching to unlock potential and empower students. 

The youth served by Tenacity’s Pathway programs develop self-confidence and positive identities as students, mentors, and leaders. The effectiveness of Tenacity’s approach is striking: a 95% high school graduation rate and 80% rate of enrolling in higher education. Tenacity is a dedicated partner of Boston Public Schools. 

About Serving as an AmeriCorps Member with Tenacity 

AmeriCorps Fellows power the Middle School Academy, the core and most intensive element in Tenacity’s Pathway. Small teams of AmeriCorps Fellows serve at each of Tenacity’s 4 partner middle schools, offering individual and group support to students. As part of their service experience from August through June, Fellows: 

  • Deliver literacy and tennis/fitness curricula, provide academic and high school planning support, lead field trips, and engage families 
  • Develop their teaching, professional, communication, career development, and leadership skills and networks 
  • Serve alongside and with the day-to-day support of Tenacity’s professional, school-based staff 
  • Attend regular team-building and professional development events 

Fellows typically serve in school buildings; during the pandemic Fellows may serve remotely. Decisions about service delivery being in-person or remote will be made in collaborations with Tenacity’s Boston Public Schools partners. 

Core Responsibilities 

AmeriCorps Fellows collaborate with their assigned teams of Staff and Fellows to provide excellent programming to Tenacity students. AmeriCorps Fellows: 

  • Deliver curricula for literacy, high school selection, tennis/fitness, and tutoring 
  • Collaborate with school-based teams, attending Tenacity meetings and school meetings for planning and student support
  • Develop lesson plans for literacy and tennis/fitness activities
  • Support students in developing critical social, emotional, and life skills, through individual and small group support
  • Design and lead an elective (topics are determined based on each Fellow’s interests and experiences)
  • Provide student academic support through “pushing in” to classes if requested by teachers and/or school principals
  • Engage families through scheduled visits and workshops, as well as as-needed outreach
  • Each Fellow serves in a “specialty role” such as Family Engagement Fellow, Academic Fellow, and Tennis Fellow. Fellows take a larger leadership role for their assign specialty role – for example Academic Fellows take a leadership role in literacy planning, Tennis Fellows with fitness planning, and Family Engagement Fellows with family events and outreach materials. Fellows provide input to Site Directors in determining specialty roles. 

AmeriCorps Fellows also engage actively in their own learning and as members of the broader Tenacity team. Fellows: 

Engage fully in trainings, which include a two-week orientation at the start of service and regular trainings throughout the year; training focuses on Tenacity’s model, teaching and coaching skills, inclusive family engagement, as well as leadership and career development and more 

  • Learn and collaborate through regular meetings with school-based Tenacity Staff and AmeriCorps program staff 
  • Attend Tenacity-wide team meetings 
  • Participate in three performance evaluations 

Throughout their service, AmeriCorps Fellows represent Tenacity and AmeriCorps, support school partnership, and drive positive student outcomes in alignment with policies and professional expectations.  

Additional Responsibilities  

In addition, Fellows also:  

  • Plan and lead field trips and high school visits 
  • Prepare newsletters for family outreach 
  • Lead small group book clubs and other specialized program activities 
  • Administer surveys or other tools for data collection on student performance
  • Assist in student recruitment
  • Complete administrative needs such as timesheets and email management in a professional and timely manner
  • Contribute to the planning of (and attend) mid-year and end-of-year ceremonies celebrating student achievements
  • Serve as a bus chaperone and support other programmatic logistics 

Life as a Tenacity AmeriCorps Fellow 

 AmeriCorps Fellows serve: 

  • Full-time, Mondays through Fridays, from mid-August through the end of June 
  • During hours determined by site placement – some Tenacity programs operate during school hours and some during a later shift that provides after-school hours programming 
  • On selected days (with advanced notice), attending training and team-building at the Tenacity office or other locations 
  • From time to time, on evenings and weekends (with advanced notice) 
  • In community projects on service days, alongside other AmeriCorps Fellows
  • As a member of Greater Boston’s strong AmeriCorps community 

Who Should Serve 

Tenacity is looking for AmeriCorps Fellows who: 

  • Are excited about working with youth in schools 
  • Believe that academics and fitness can support one another  
  • Want to build skills, learn new things, and challenge themselves 

AmeriCorps Fellows do not need to have prior tennis experience. 

Benefits to Fellows 

AmeriCorps Fellows receive, as a result of completing their service term: 

  • $20,000 living stipend over the course of the program year, in bi-weekly installments 
  • An AmeriCorps education award of $6,345 upon successful completion of all requirements (pending eligibility)
  • More than 100 hours of professional development
  • Access to healthcare coverage, sponsored childcare, and loan forbearance (as determined by AmeriCorps), and SNAP benefits (pending eligibility)
  • Monthly MBTA pass (or equivalent reimbursement)
  • Generous time off
  • Participation in the network of over 1 Million AmeriCorps members and alumni who have strengthened their communities and their own skills! 

Apply Now!

Applications are being accepted now for 2022-23 Fellows on a rolling basis. Feel free to reach out.

Tenacity does not discriminate toward individuals on the basis of age, race, gender, color, national origin, ability, religion, marital status, or sexual orientation or identity. Tenacity seeks to nurture diversity among its many members. When requested, Tenacity will make reasonable accommodations for individuals with a permanent or temporary disability, including for interviews and service.

Massachusetts Service Alliance


AmeriCorps is a network of national service programs, made up of three primary programs that seek to improve lives and foster civic engagement. Members commit their time to address critical community needs. At Tenacity, members work with middle school students at one of our Middle School Academy sites helping students grow into their best selves inside and outside the classroom.

Fellows gain teaching and youth development experience, while mentoring, and coaching students in tennis and literacy. The opportunity includes professional development and supervision focused on teaching, career, and leadership skills, and provides experience with urban education, family outreach, and whole child development.

Specific benefits include:

  • $20,000 living stipend over the course of the program year, in bi-weekly installments
  • An AmeriCorps education award of $6,345 upon successful completion of all requirements (pending eligibility)
  • More than 100 hours of professional development
  • Access to healthcare coverage, sponsored childcare, and loan forbearance (as determined by AmeriCorps), and SNAP benefits (pending eligibility)
  • Monthly MBTA pass (or equivalent reimbursement)
  • Generous time off
  • Participation in the network of over 1 Million AmeriCorps members and alumni who have strengthened their communities and their own skills!
Individuals who are serving in a term of service in an approved AmeriCorps position may be eligible to have the repayment of their qualified student loans temporarily postponed while they are serving. It is through an action called forbearance. While an individual’s loan is in forbearance, the member is not required to make payments. Interest may continue to accrue but if the member successfully completes the term of service and the loan is a qualified student loan, the National Service Trust will pay all or a portion of the interest that accrued during the service period.

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is a post-service benefit earned by individuals who complete an approved term of national service in AmeriCorps programs. The award is named after Eli Segal, a pioneer of national service and the first CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

The award may be used to pay educational expenses at eligible post-secondary institutions, including many technical schools and G.I. Bill approved programs, or to repay qualified students loans. The dollar amount of the education award is equal to the maximum amount of the U.S. Department of Education Pell Grant and may change year to year.

AmeriCorps Fellows are paid a living stipend in exchange for their service. The stipend is paid semi-monthly. Tenacity is proud to offer a competitive stipend for its AmeriCorps Fellows.

Tenacity is looking for individuals who have a genuine desire and willingness to serve; someone who wants to make a difference in the community; someone who is willing to get out of their comfort zone to meet students on their level; someone who has consistency, drive, and initiative and who is inspired to help students become their best selves inside and outside the classroom.

Your impact with Tenacity doesn’t have to stop after your term of service. We encourage and support Fellows to step into full-time staff positions that fit their interests and career goals. We have numerous examples of AmeriCorps Fellows who have worked their way up into leadership positions across the organization—including director level roles. We actively build and retain talent here and are proud of it!