October Newsletter

Dear Curley Families, It is already the second week of school and the end of September! As we watch the leaves begin to turn, the Curley Tenacity team hopes you are all faring well through virtual learning and we are looking forward to seeing you next week. Our virtual program will begin after school on Monday October 5th […]

Final Newsletter and Ready Player One Scoreboard

Have a look at our latest newsletter to see some highlights from Tenacity at home over the past month. This will be the final newsletter this school year, and includes a photo tribute to our 8th graders…

Curley Tenacity links Wed. 5-20

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. We are down to our final month of ‘Tenacity From Home’ sessions, with our last day being Thursday, June 18th.

Tenacity Weekly Wrap-Up

We have one more month of programming for this school year, packed with a lot of lessons and projects to finish off strong. This week’s lessons examining the history, format and remakes of famous Fairy Tales were a lot of fun…

Tenacity links and next week’s schedule

Today I have a lot of links to share with you all as we head into the weekend. These cover virtual classes, some student work, next week’s plan, and a link to sign up for the Tenacity’s city-wide Summer Tennis and Reading Program.

April Curley Tenacity Newsletter

Happy Friday Curley Tenacity Family (Rookies, Beasts, Parents, Aunts/Uncles, Siblings, Staff. etc), Our digital newsletter to recap the month of April is up now – enjoy!

Tenacity Live Schedule for This Week

Thanks for the large amount of involvement during April vacation; we had 75% of 8th graders make it to the Virtual Retreat, and also 75% of all students came on for at least one of the on-line hangouts from staff members.