Citrix connects with STRP

By: Haley Hunt, Tenacity Intern and Special Correspondent

Citrix is an American multinational software and technology company that, for the past four years, has provided volunteers to aid Tenacity in  preparing for our Summer Tennis and Reading Program (STRP). In anticipation of STRP, Tenacity has been ordering both academic and tennis-based supplies to prepare each of the 28 sites spread throughout Boston and Worcester for its campers.

Tenacity was ecstatic to have a record-breaking 29 Citrix volunteers in attendance on Friday to help us organize these materials.

Our volunteers this year were tasked with creating a bin for each summer site that contained all of the necessary supplies. The team from Citrix was then sent out to each of the locations to deliver the bins, and to hang up Tenacity banners on the sites’ tennis courts.

Tenacity is extremely grateful for Citrix’s dedication, enthusiasm, and service over the years. Without the hard work of these volunteers, Tenacity would have spent weeks working to compile, assign, and deliver these supplies. Another task completed makes preparation for the summer program much less daunting. Thank you to team Citrix for your partnership with Tenacity, we look forward to seeing many of you again next year!

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