Good morning Curley Tenacity families,

This week, we as a staff are holding several video meetups for students, both to reconnect with their classmates and also to continue with our ‘Book Clubs’ literacy enrichment unit. Below is the schedule for each of the staff members’ specific meetup times:

Literacy Links: ‘Virtual Book Clubs’ are happening this week! 
Ms. Li ‘Not Your Sidekick’: Today at 3:00pm; the link was included in this morning’s email from Coach Payne

Ms. Peavy ‘Sammy Keyes’: Today at 3:30pm; Ms. Peavy is sending the link for this virtual book club directly to student emails

Ms. Roz ‘If A Tree Falls At Lunch Period’: Wednesday at 3:00

Ms. Lipsey ‘The Season of Styx Malone’: Thursday at 3:00; the link was included in this morning’s email from Coach Payne

*Please reach out to Tenacity staff members if your student is having difficulty logging in to the video chat app!

Parent Survey: In our phone check-ins this week, we will be conducting a survey with parents to learn more about how each family’s experience learning from home has been so far during the school shutdown. As always, if we get honest feedback from families, it helps us to better serve you and your student’s needs during this change in everyone’s daily lives. Thank you in advance for participating in these surveys, which will be done on the phone or via email (spanish versions are available as well).  

Tennis Links:
Yesterday’s Solo Tennis drills: Overhead training

Simona Halep, women’s #2 player in the world, makes donation to her home country to help fight coronavirus 

Thanks for reading, looking forward to seeing students at Book Clubs!

Coach Payne and the Tenacity Staff