Hi Tenacity families!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. We are down to our final month of ‘Tenacity From Home’ sessions, with our last day being Thursday, June 18th.  Here is a quick look at what we’re up to for the remainder of the week.

Live Workouts–more happening soon
We tried a 20 minute live workout before the literacy lesson the other day, and from our living rooms and other small spaces, it actually went pretty well! It reminds me of an old quote: “You can have results, and you can have excuses–but you can’t have both”. The end result of staying healthy isn’t possible without some type of exercise each day, and in addition to the daily fitness activities at CP_solotennis, we’re going to keep doing live Zoom workouts as well.

Youth Activism Lessons
So far this week, we’ve learned about the changes young people can drive in their communities from all over the world. We’ll continue this theme of taking action this afternoon, as students will have a chance to write to the mayor to share about issues in the community that they feel are important.Tomorrow is all about digital activism, and on Friday, students who participated throughout the week will be watching the movie, “The Hate U Give“. All classes are at 4:00PM on Zoom. The link was emailed to you.

Tenacity’s Got Talent–Zoom event next Friday
This is a showcase of Book Club final projects for all four Tenacity middle school sites, happening next Friday at 2:00pm. There are 8 spots available for Curley students who want to join in on this session.

Thanks for reading,

Coach Payne and the Tenacity Staff