Latest Updates: Many of our resources and newsletters are reposted on the Tenacity website – click on the Frederick Middle School under the Youth Programs tab to find more!

Support Feedback Survey:
In order to better support our families and students during this pandemic we have are asking your feedback. The survey should take no more than 4 or 5 minutes, and will help us be a better support for all families and students involved in our program. If you are a parent please complete the parent survey, and if you are a student please complete the student survey. Si habla español, hay una versión en español de la encuesta. Please complete it when you have a free moment, your feedback is important to us!

Parent Survey:
Student Survey:
Encuesta en Español:

Homework Help/Office Hours:
In an effort to be a greater support for our students all Frederick staff will be hosting office hours starting this week! This is a time for student to meet with Frederick staff members to get help with homework, schedule their day, talk about book club, or just have a friendly face to talk to! If something comes up and you need to meet with us at a different time please don’t hesitate to reach out, but these will be our weekly standing office hours going forward.

Mr. Paxton’s Office Hours: 3-5 PM, Mon-Thursday, 2-4 PM on Friday.
Mr. McGurn’s Office Hours: 12-3 PM Mon-Thursday
Ms. T’s Office Hours: 1-3 PM Every Day
Ms. C’s Office Hours: 1-3 PM Every Day
Ms. Williams’ Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 1-3 PM

And here are some new resources we’ve found over the past week:

Free myTeachstone resources, blog posts, webinars, and downloadable resources for parents and educators. Use these resources to learn about the importance of interactions, plan activities for children, and incorporate CLASS concepts into your daily routines.

Tenacity Academic Resources

Mr. McGurn’s Book Club
Mr. Paxton’s Book Club
Ms. T’s Book Club
Ms. C’s Book Club
Ms. Williams’ Book Club

Internet & Computer Help

Food Access

Financial Assistance

Neighborhood Mutual Aid Networks
Ask for help, offer help. Neighbors helping neighbors can be found here.

Resources for Immigrants

Additional Resources
Casa Myrna provides shelter and supportive services to survivors of domestic violence.

Take care, and reach out if you need anything specific that we haven’t covered!