Frederick Blast 4-13

Frederick Blast 4-13

Latest Updates: Many of our resources and newsletters are reposted on the Tenacity website – click on the Frederick Middle School under the Youth Programs tab to find more!

  • Literacy Challenges will be made every Monday and Friday on our Instagram page, @tenacityfrederick. These are quick, easy, & fun ways for us to use our brains with the down-time we have – so check it out!
  • As we mentioned in our News Blast on Friday, the 8th grade retreat is back on and happening virtually next week over Zoom! Please email Mr. McGurn back confirming that your child can attend this virtual event. Time & Date: Thursday April 23rd & Friday the 24th @ 2PM
  • Having Chromebook issues? Visit to file a claim and receive support.

Support Feedback Survey:
In order to better support our families and students during this pandemic we have are asking your feedback. The survey should take no more than 4 or 5 minutes, and will help us be a better support for all families and students involved in our program. If you are a parent please complete the parent survey, and if you are a student please complete the student survey. Si habla español, hay una versión en español de la encuesta. Please complete it when you have a free moment, your feedback is important to us!

Parent Survey:
Student Survey:
Encuesta en Español:

Homework Help/Office Hours:
In an effort to be a greater support for our students all Frederick staff will be hosting office hours starting this week! This is a time for student to meet with Frederick staff members to get help with homework, schedule their day, talk about book club, or just have a friendly face to talk to! If something comes up and you need to meet with us at a different time please don’t hesitate to reach out, but these will be our weekly standing office hours going forward.

Mr. Paxton’s Office Hours: 3-5 PM, Mon-Thursday, 2-4 PM on Friday.
Mr. McGurn’s Office Hours: 12-3 PM Mon-Thursday
Ms. T’s Office Hours: 1-3 PM Every Day
Ms. C’s Office Hours: 1-3 PM Every Day
Ms. Williams’ Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 1-3 PM

And here are some new resources we’ve found over the past week:

Free myTeachstone resources, blog posts, webinars, and downloadable resources for parents and educators. Use these resources to learn about the importance of interactions, plan activities for children, and incorporate CLASS concepts into your daily routines.

Tenacity Academic Resources

  • Journal Buddies are still happening and we are still waiting on replies! Find your journal buddy entry in your Boston Public School email & respond soon – we are waiting to hear from you! Entries are sent out each Thursday.
  • Book clubs are happening every Tuesday & Wednesday! Check your emails for any activities, and use the link below to join your book club if you haven’t done so already:

Mr. McGurn’s Book Club
Mr. Paxton’s Book Club
Ms. T’s Book Club
Ms. C’s Book Club
Ms. Williams’ Book Club

  • Fitness challenges can be found on the Tenacity Instagram account, @tenacityfrederick! Keep in shape while challenging yourself to be the best you that you can be.
  • Family visits will be conducted via phone by either Mr. Paxton or Mr. McGurn. These will have an increased focus on steps that we can take during this crisis to help your children both academically & personally.

Internet & Computer Help

  • If your child has not gotten a Chromebook from the Frederick or been able to complete online work, please fill out this online form.
  • Visit to find Wi-Fi hotspot locations throughout the city.
  • 2 months of free internet can be obtained by signing up at
  • GoNoodle has fun free movement and mindfulness videos for kids, including camp songs! Other amazing educational resources can be found here.
  • Reading is the easiest thing you can do to keep on track with school & give your brain a break from all the craziness around us. All students with a BPS email can access thousands of books online through free of charge! Now is the perfect time to read – stories can help us pass the time while being productive with our brains.

Food Access

  • Free breakfast & lunch are available to students all across the city. The website below shows locations & times:
  • For additional food assistance for your family, call Project Bread: 1-800-645-8333 or go to the Greater Boston Food Bank website to find a list of local places where you can pick up items.
  • Free groceries for all by the Solidarity Supply Distro at Makeshift Boston (549 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02118) every Monday at 5:30pm.

Financial Assistance

  • For financial assistance, call 311 (Boston) or 211 (out-of-state) and ask about the United Way COVID-19 Family Support Fund.
  • Apply to get a one-time $150 gift card from Union Capital Boston (while supplies last) by filling out this form
  • Information on Massachusetts workers emergency relief funds can be found here.

Neighborhood Mutual Aid Networks
Ask for help, offer help. Neighbors helping neighbors can be found here.

Resources for Immigrants

  • Emergency fund for undocumented folks can be found here.
  • USCIS has confirmed that the Public Charge rule does not restrict access to testing, screening, or treatment of communicable diseases, including COVID-19. USCIS Alert
  • A list of free clinics and health centers in MA can be found here.
  • Information about services for Boston residents, regardless of immigration status here.

Additional Resources
Casa Myrna provides shelter and supportive services to survivors of domestic violence.

Take care, and reach out if you need anything specific that we haven’t covered!

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