Good Afternoon, Frederick Families & Students!

With the passing of last week, we’ve officially reached the end of Tenacity’s programming for the year. That being said, we present you with the Frederick’s first ever DIGITAL YEARBOOK! Click the link to view! With 40+ pages, there is definitely something for everyone! We also wanted to pass along a few updates before the year closes:

On Wednesday, June 17th, the Frederick Tenacity staff will be hosting a Financial Literacy live-class based on the Summer Internship available to all Tenacity 8th graders once they graduate middle school! Look out for an email or call reminder about this course! A Zoom link was provided in the emailed version of this newsletter.

On Thursday, June 18th, the Frederick Tenacity staff will be hosting a Lunch Hangout for students to come unwind during the middle of their day. This will be from 12-1 PM – we are excited to see everyone who attends! A Google Meet link was provided in the emailed version of this newsletter.

Although we aren’t providing book clubs or journal buddies anymore, the Tenacity staff is available for homework help all this week. This is a great way to catch up on missed work and finish the year on a positive note, so reach out to a staff member today to get something arranged! If you have to think about whether or not you need the extra help, you probably do! We’ll help you get back on track after a crazy semester.

Once again, you all are the reason why Tenacity works. Without families & students dedicated to our cause, we would be nowhere. Thank you for your continued engagement and support – we can’t wait to see what happens next!

Ian McGurn
Academic & Family Engagement Coordinator at the Frederick Middle School