Hey there, everybody!

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing April Break – you all definitely deserve it. Today I wanted to email you something that I think will help us all in the second half of this semester: an organizer! Look below for the mini copy & download the attachment from this email so you can have it on your phone/Chromebook! Some of us might be struggling to manage our time, so this is a resource that will help you do that better…this way your days are more productive and fulfilling. Read below for more information:

Do you see the spots on the side with pictures in them? These represent your classes: Science, Math, ELA, electives, AND a fitness category since that is important to all of us as well.

Having a checklist for your day really does help! We promise!

Write out your weekly goals on a scrap piece of paper.

It might seem like more work, but organization is a tool all of us can use, in school and beyond. I wake up every morning and check my to-do list. Without it, I would be lost! Reach out if you need help setting up your schedule, and remember, Mr. McGurn has office hours every day from 1-3 PM. Let me know if you need help with anything and we can get it done together!

Have a great week, everyone!

Mr. McGurn
Academic & Family Engagement Coordinator at the Frederick Middle School