Get Organized!

Get Organized!

Hey there, everybody!

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing April Break – you all definitely deserve it. Today I wanted to email you something that I think will help us all in the second half of this semester: an organizer! Look below for the mini copy & download the attachment from this email so you can have it on your phone/Chromebook! Some of us might be struggling to manage our time, so this is a resource that will help you do that better…this way your days are more productive and fulfilling. Read below for more information:

Do you see the spots on the side with pictures in them? These represent your classes: Science, Math, ELA, electives, AND a fitness category since that is important to all of us as well.

  • Use the blank boxes to check-off your work for the day!
  • Don’t have any Science work this week? Go ahead and cross all of it off, that way you know ahead of time what you need to focus on!
  • Add any other activities you find important to the blank spots at the bottom!
    • Reading for fun, drawing, listening to music…all of these are important – make sure you chart that!

Having a checklist for your day really does help! We promise!

  • Not only does it let you know what you still have to do, it lets you know what you’ve already done, which can increase your confidence to get the rest of your work completed!

Write out your weekly goals on a scrap piece of paper.

  • Short-term goals, like finishing today’s homework, are important…but we need to look ahead and set long-term goals as well!
  • An example of a long-term goal could be 3 days of exercise during the school week…
    • If it’s Wednesday and I only have Monday checked-off for exercise, I know that I need to step it up in the second half of the week!

It might seem like more work, but organization is a tool all of us can use, in school and beyond. I wake up every morning and check my to-do list. Without it, I would be lost! Reach out if you need help setting up your schedule, and remember, Mr. McGurn has office hours every day from 1-3 PM. Let me know if you need help with anything and we can get it done together!

Have a great week, everyone!

Mr. McGurn
Academic & Family Engagement Coordinator at the Frederick Middle School

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