Hi everyone!

Happy Spring Vacation! We hope you all have a chance to relax (and maybe catch up on some school work???). In the spirit of doing fun things this week, we are having some live events on IG! Each day this week, we’ll send an email letting you know what that day’s activity is, and we’ll post about it on Instagram too. To kick it off, today at 4 Mr. Nigrosh will be making dinner on IG live! He’ll be making pasta with sauce, something you can make at home! 

Tomorrow, Mr. Lindsay will be playing games online at 1, and Ms. Johnson will be baking cookies at 4! 

If you can’t make the livestream, we will be saving the video and putting it on Youtube at the end of the week.

8th graders! Remember that your virtual 8th grade retreat will be happening on Thursday and Friday this week, at 1:45 pm. It’s a great chance to meet some other Tenacity students and get useful info on high school next year. 

See you later!

The Umana Tenacity Team