Inaugural Girls Got Game Tournament is a Hit

Inaugural Girls Got Game Tournament is a Hit

Girls Got Game Championship team champions Mario Umana Eagles

By: Drew Hendrickson, Director of Tennis, Fitness, and Summer Programs

Huge shout out to the Girls Got Game Leadership Team. The first ever Girls Got Game tournament, the G3 Championships, was a huge success as girls from all Middle School Academy sites and from several partner high schools came together in a city-wide and Tenacity Pathway-wide competition.

For many of the competitors, it was their first ever tournament and their first time playing at the wonderful Harvard Murr Center.

It was an awesome day and huge congratulations go to Tenacity AmeriCorps Fellows Carol Coutinho, Cyntya Uriegas, Shilpa Kamani, Lucie Gulino, Lauren Munday, Addison Tucker, Stacy Mayes and many of the other Fellows and staff who worked hard to make this event a huge success!

Everyone at Tenacity is extremely proud of all of our young female players!  They showed a lot of courage out there.

The team championship was captured by the Mario Umana Eagles.

Singles Pathway flight: Vivi Vega defeated Jennie Van

MSA 1st Doubles: Amber Solo/ Katherine Arauz (Curly) defeated Hend Chaavhi/ Perla Ortiz (Umana)

MSA 2nd Doubles: Esperanza Maestre/ Alyieha Morales (Irving) defeated Janisse Palacios/ Jisell Ochoa (Umana)

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