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Post-Secondary Services at Tenacity is committed to meeting the needs of all students in order to support their learning and growth. This resource page provides a space to share information and to stay connected.

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Incoming First-Year PSS Workshops

Beyond First-Year PSS Workshops

PSS Spring Zoom Party

PSS Spring Zoom Party

On Friday, May 8th, our PSS students got together via Zoom and took a break from studying for finals. They enjoyed a few competitive games and it was a great time for them to reconnect, have some fun and relax.

Tenacity Post-Secondary Email Blast #1

Tenacity Post-Secondary Email Blast #1

Hey Tenacity Post-Secondary Students! Starting today, Tenacity’s PSS Team will be sending you an email newsletter with announcements, reminders, opportunities, and ideas for...

Motivate Me Mondays

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