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Program Snapshot

Graduating from high school is a tremendous achievement, but it is not an endpoint. As our modern economy increasingly requires post-secondary credentials in order to earn a living wage, it is crucial that all youth have access to quality post-secondary education and career pathways to become productive and successful adults.

Whether heading to a four-year college, pursuing vocational education, or enrolling in a gap year program, Tenacity remains actively engaged with our high school graduates by supporting access, persistence, and completion.

Core Services

The Post-Secondary Services team supports academic and college readiness to close gaps in knowledge and promote development of skills needed for post-secondary success, such as time management and study skills.

The Post-Secondary Services team provides personalized college & career advising, Financial Aid Application assistance, a Post-Secondary Transition Workshop series, and Family Workshops.

Post-Secondary Services staff provide a wide range of personal support to our high school graduates, including mentoring, crisis management, and advocacy. In addition, care packages are sent to our students twice a semester.

Post-Secondary Services provides career planning to assist students in creating educational plans that align with career interests.

The Post-Secondary Services team facilitates the creation of strong networks and safe environments by promoting mentoring by peers and professionals. This provides students with opportunities for interaction with individuals who can serve as models of educational and community success.

The College Prep and Post-Secondary Services Team