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Program Snapshot

Graduating from high school is a tremendous achievement, but it is not an endpoint. As our modern economy increasingly requires post-secondary credentials in order to earn a living wage, it is crucial that all youth have access to quality post-secondary education and career pathways to become productive and successful adults.

Whether heading to a four-year college, pursuing vocational education, or enrolling in a gap year program, Tenacity remains actively engaged with our high school graduates by supporting access, persistence, and completion.

Core Services

  • Collaboration with campus supports
  • Campus resource referral
  • Conversation practice, simulating self-advocacy with high school and campus offices

Support and guidance in completing, by priority deadline, the following:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • CSS Profile
  • Verification
  • IDOC
  • Institutional documents
  • Appeal letters
  • Mentoring, guidance, problem solving
  • Crisis management
  • Campus visits
  • Care packages
  • Transfer application support
  • Financial literacy workshops
  • College and career focused workshops
  • Summer and January reunions
  • Department events
  • Internship opportunities and support
  • Targeted resource referrals, including but not limited to mental health, housing, and health insurance
  • Students submit paperwork confirming enrollment and indicating how they wish their earned money to be used
  • PSS Coordinator facilitates payment and tracks all funds

The College & Career Prep and Post-Secondary Services Team

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