Team Curley Takes the Crane Cup

Team Curley Takes the Crane Cup

Team Curley takes the Crane Cup

By: Haley Hunt, Tenacity Intern and Special Correspondent

The eleventh annual Crane Cup championship was played last week at Harvard’s Murr Center, and all six Tenacity middle schools put on a dazzling performance for all to enjoy.

The Murr was abuzz with excitement in anticipation of the championship. Parents, fellow students, and teachers alike, clad with posters and spirit, came to support the athletes who vied for this prestigious title.

As the regular season champions and three-peat Staniar Open victors, the Mary E. Curley Flying Lions entered the event as heavy favorites.

After round robin play, the top two point winners from each flight played in the flight finals.

In the 1st singles flight, the Curley’s José Cabrera and the DMC’s Marvin Baez played for the right to call themselves the best player in the MSA program. Marvin, who made a great comeback in a tie-breaker against the JMann’s Vivi Vega to qualify for the final, emerged victorious over Jose, 2-1.

In the 2nd singles flights, the Umana’s Robert Kubenic used his powerful forehand weapon to seal an upset victory over the Curley’s Deroledy Tejeda.

The 1st doubles final saw Jazz Ramos and Khalil Carnes of the JMann defeat Gabriel Soriano and Ana Ventura of the Umana.

And the 2nd doubles final saw the Umana’s Brayden Flores and Kevin Argueta defeat the Curley’s Odalis Melo and Ramon Asuncion.

The award ceremony recognized all of these flight champions, but the team championship hung in the balance. It came down to the Umana, who had 3 finalists out of four flights and the Curley who had the same. Both teams waited on pins and needles for the dramatic announcement.

And who better to make that announcement than Andy Crane, the namesake of the Crane Cup. Crane worked for many years with Tenacity in the organization’s infancy and remains a passionate advocate for youth tennis in Boston.

“I am blown away by the level of tennis I saw today,” said Crane, “many of you [players] are better right now than a lot of the players on the high school teams here in Boston. So I want to congratulate all of Tenacity’s great coaches who have done an incredible job this year!”

Crane went on to encourage players to continue playing tennis and said he looks forward to seeing them playing in high school.

Crane then announced that the winners of the 2017 Crane Cup were the Mary E. Curley Flying Lions!!!

It was a great year for the MSTL and we look forward to another wonderful ride in 2017-2018.

For those students looking to strive for greatness next year, please enroll in Tenacity’s Summer Tennis and Reading Program (STRP). To push yourself even further, go to the advanced site and you may find yourself hoisting the Crane Cup next year.

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