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Be part of the fun and excitement!

Host Committee

Rebecca Power

Sarah Catlin

Sydney Farrell

Lexi Sullivan

Kyra van den Bosch

Betsy Miller

Megan Tranter

Shannon McAllister

Josephine Lyons

The Tenacity Cup is a special day of challenging team-based play on the storied grass courts of Longwood Cricket Club. Teams comprised of doubles pairs, all ages, all levels of play, women and men, compete to take home the Cup while also challenging one another to raise funds that support Tenacity students and programs.

The day of round-robin play culminates in a spirited finals match accented by festive food, drinks, and fun in the tent, on the porch, and on Longwood’s beautiful grounds.

Spend the day and/or join us in the late afternoon/early evening to take in the Cup finals, participate in on- & off-court games, dinner, drinks, and music!

Thursday, June 22, 2023
Longwood Cricket Club

Patron Sponsorship Opportunities

Singles – $250 Full access to Tenacity Cup Social Festivities for one

Forty-Love – $400 Full access to Tenacity Cup Social Festivities for one plus Tenacity swag

Doubles – $1,500 Full access to Tenacity Cup Social Festivities for two plus Tenacity swag + an awesome and generous donation

Grand Slam – $2,500 for two, benefits same as above, plus a personal guided Tenacity site tour, Tenacity swag + a super awesome and generous donation

Please RSVP below by June 8, 2023

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