Hi Curley Tenacity families,

Thanks for the large amount of involvement during April vacation; we had 75% of 8th graders make it to the Virtual Retreat, and also 75% of all students came on for at least one of the on-line hangouts from staff members. I had a really good time playing some trivia tennis matches on Friday and hope to play again sometime soon.

Congratulations to DAIRON FELIZ, for sending his video of completing the Jump/Catch Instagram challenge! Check out Dairon’s featured challenge by clicking here, and he will be getting a portable home ping pong set sent to his house later in the week!

This week, we’re back to academic enrichment online, with Book Club sessions and online office hours offered each day for additional support. Anyone who attends their book club this week (or does a make up session if they miss it) will be invited to another movie showing with Ms. Li this Friday afternoon.

Below is the schedule for the remainder of the week. Check your email for the Zoom links to get to each spot without difficulty.

Office Hours: 
Every day 9:30-10:30am and 12:30-1:30pm. Ms. Roz will be available today, stop in for homework help or to just to say hi and chat for a few minutes!

Book Clubs: 
“Sammy Keyes”: Tuesday at 3:30pm

“Not Your Sidekick”: Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00pm

“If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period”: Wednesday 3:00pm (be on the lookout for the link from Ms. Roz)

“The Season of Styx Malone”: Thursday at 3:00pm

Thanks for reading,
Coach Payne and the Curley Tenacity Staff