Tenacity Weekly Wrap-Up: Ready Player One leaders

Tenacity Weekly Wrap-Up: Ready Player One leaders

Happy Friday Curley Tenacity!

A few quick announcements heading into the weekend:

  • ‘Tenacity’s Got Talent’ (2:00pm) and Ratatouille movie screenings (after Tenacity’s Got Talent) are this afternoon. Ms. Li will send out the appropriate links to participants early this afternoon.
  • May Newsletter–our final digital newsletter of the school year will be sent next Monday; be on the lookout for several key dates, including the Virtual Ceremony and the final day of virtual classes as we finish the final three weeks of the program year.
  • Virtual Classes– Coming up next is ‘MONEY WEEK part 2’. We’ll be continuing from our winter unit, taking a quick look at financial literacy and smart money choices that students can begin thinking about even now in their lives.
    • Zoom sessions are every day from 4:00-5:00pm, and will include live workouts as well. If a student can’t make it to a session, they can attend staff office hours any day (9:30 and 12:30) to make up the lesson and still earn RPO points.
  • READY PLAYER ONE– class competition continues for another two weeks. Students earn points for communication, virtual class and workout attendance. Here is the updated leaderboard after one week:
  • Current ‘High Five’ members are POLO G, FRED WEASLEY, BERLINPOP, kaYla, and CUR-120207, with many more chances to earn points and virtual trophies coming up!

Thanks for reading, have a good weekend!

Coach Payne and the Curley Tenacity Staff

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